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The sun goes down on summer 2020

Morning everyone, well the beautiful weather looks to have gone for a while we have loaded up all of our times for 2021 and the bookings have flown in already if your wanting a trip jump online and book up. It’s been a strange summer to say the least but it’s been great to be have been able to put to sea and do what we love and enjoy. Got to say a massive thanks to Ilfracombe Sea Safari and there staff for a mental 6 weeks holidays the professionalism and COVID safe environment they created reflected in the trust of public to get aboard our boats and support us amazing work from you all. The early season sharks didn’t really go ahead this year due to lockdown but we got out 3 days in late mate and did good we lost a big fish first day blanked the second and had on to the boat on the 3rd not bad for late in the year. We then went on to our tope and bass trips which produced great numbers again this year along with the drifting at Lundy gave us great days fishing the bass we’re hit and miss but played well when they did. We then went back into our summer shark season with a very strange start out deep we hit numbers of porgies and the odd blue on all the July trips then the blues came to play and numbers were plentiful nothing huge but good sport none the less giving the rods plenty of action and smiles on the guys faces. We’re very luck to have a few choices when it come to sharking and when the weathers scratchy we can go to are second mark where this season the porgies have been awesome and in great numbers along with bass and pollock to boot. Then the weather takes over again and we’re starting to think about Watchet for the cod for the winter now but might have a couple of last minute shark trips if the weather allows. I would just like to thank all of our customers new and old for your support this summer in testing times great to get you all out and look forward to seeing you for a cod trip or 2 summer 2020 out.

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