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#Archieporter starts the 2022 season with a bang. its Archies first season on the early big game fishing and he's hit the ground running, we spent the winter giving the predator a full makeover and new engine we wanted to get some weight off her and a better cruise speed to get to the grounds quicker for more fishing time that we have done. she's gone from a 11-12 knot plodder to an 18-20 knot speed machine and se looks and goes great. so we have started the season very happy with the boat just needed the fish to play ball first 2 trips were hard going with bait fish thin on the ground a chill in the air we had some surface action but not on the floats but then this weekend seen a change Archie had one on the surface nibbling the bottles for it then to disappear for and hour or two. But here's where his experience years above his age came in to play Archie shortened his drift over the area he spotted the fish worked the ground hard and was rewarded with a cracking first fish of the season in the 200s along with this the bait fish have moved in with great numbers of mackerel pollock coalfish and the first of the black bream. with a little blow in the weather we are now preparing all the rods and reels for our easter trips #summerscoming #fishing #predator2 #ilfracombeseafishing #deepsea

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