Good evening all my fisher folk family and friends

Sadly I am writing this at a time the country is in crisis with the Coronavirus pandemic! I have spent the last week thinking over and over what I need to do regarding my dream and 5 of the best years of my life, and let me say this is the hardest decision I think I will ever have to make! One that puts me like many others in the uk. You my customers my friends and the backbone to Reel Deal mean more to my Buisness than trying to get trips and money before the government close us down. After exhausting every avenue I have with advice from my solicitor ,accountant my parter Sonia Maslen the government recommendations have come to the decision to cancel all trips aboard Reel deal until further notice. After reading the government recommendations over and over I do not feel we can achieve the standards not to spread this virus that’s a killer this has not been easy but yours and your families you go home to mean more to us at Reel Deal. We need to be real in theses tough times ahead. Be sure that when we get the nod Reel deal will be back at it trying to do what we have for the past 5 years. Please everyone stay safe,stay at home unless it’s work please let’s look out for each other, anyone with deposits or trips booked please feel free to contact me to arrange a refund , move dates or just a general chat to say hi my phones always on 07850984933 many thanks as always



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During the summer months Real Deal can be found in the North Devon port of Ilfracombe targeting various summer species such as Bass, Tope, Pollack, Huss, Rays, Mackerel, Smouthound and Blue, Porbeagle and Thresher sharks. 



The winters are spent in the ancient Somerset port of Watchet fishing mainly for Cod, Rays, Spurdogs and Whiting.



We Cater for the beginner and experienced angler.

Mackerel fishing, inshore reef, deep sea, Lundy trips, tope & bass trips, sharking, winter cod and coastal cruises.